9 Small Business Ideas In Sri Lanka (Low Capital)

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Planing to start a business in Sri Lanka but don’t know what you should start?

Don’t worry – you are like everyone else!

In this post, I’ll share 9 small business ideas in Sri Lanka that can be really profitable and doesn’t need a lot of capital to get started.

Before you go through these, keep this in mind – ALWAYS think about how to get customers first. If you have no idea how – don’t get into that business!

And DO NOT outsource marketing. Learn it. Otherwise there’s a HUGE chance of the business failing.

Oh and don’t plan on operating the business for long. Your job as the founder is to GROW it, and not get into the day to day operations of the company.

Small Business Ideas In Sri Lanka

With that mindset, let’s move on to the business ideas!

#1 Digital Marketing Agencies

The digital marketing industry is booming, and starting your own agency in this field can be a great opportunity. Plus, you don’t need a lot of money to get started. 

You can operate remotely and offer services like:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Content Creation

The demand for digital marketing services is going up every single day!

The biggest plus is you can run this kind of business from anywhere, so you’ve got flexibility and save on costs.

And you can hire your employees to work remotely too.

Plus, as more people in Sri Lanka get access to the internet and smartphones, businesses there will see the value in investing in digital marketing to reach their customers.

Read the Withholding Tax Rates in Sri Lanka here.

#2 Smartphone Repairs

Smartphones are getting super popular in Sri Lanka, so a smartphone repair business could be a really lucrative opportunity.

You can start small by offering basic services like replacing cracked screens, changing out batteries, and troubleshooting software problems.

As you get more experience, you can do more complex repairs like fixing motherboard issues.

The best part is you don’t need a ton of money to get started – just some basic repair tools and a small workspace.

You can also offer value additions like pick-up and drop-off services which can make things really convenient for customers too, and beat the competition easily.

#3 Web And Graphic Design Agencies

Every business today needs a website and visual brand identity.

Starting your own web and graphic design agency can be a really good way to make money.

You can begin working from home as just one person with a laptop and design skills.

You can offer all sorts of things like logo design, brochure design, website design and development, visual branding, and so on.

Web And Graphic Design Agencies

As you build up your portfolio, more and more clients will come your way.

The cool thing about this business is you can be flexible and grow it slowly.

You can start with just a few services and maybe just you working, then add more stuff and maybe even hire some people as you get busier.

#4 E-commerce Stores

The e-commerce industry is absolutely booming in Sri Lanka as more people shop online.

Finding a profitable niche and starting an online store could be a really great small business idea.

You can start by selling on platforms like Daraz or even eBay before launching your own ecommerce website.

Focus on offering competitive prices, top-notch customer service, and smooth delivery to get customers to stick with you.

Also providing unique, in-demand products can help you stand out from the bigger players.

#5 Renting Equipment

For big events like weddings, parties, and so on, renting out equipment like chairs, tables, tents, lighting systems, and sound systems is a lucrative rental business opportunity.

You can rent other stuff too like power tools, generators, machines.

You can even give a nescafe machine for rent! The possibilities are endless.

That said, you’ll need storage space for the equipment and a vehicle to deliver and pick up.

Start small by serving just your local area before expanding based on demand. Also offer packages for different types of events.

Providing timely delivery and efficient set-up can really set you apart.

#6 Restaurants

Restaurants are always popular in Sri Lanka.

Even opening a small restaurant can be really rewarding.

But don’t make one with all the regular food. Open one focused on a specific cuisine or innovative new dishes. Eg – Different appa types, Roti with bimal or different curies etc…

You might want to pick a small spot in a busy area to keep costs down but get lots of attention.

Giving great service and serving top-notch food is super important to get people talking about your place and coming back for more.

As you get more regulars, you can add to your menu to keep up with how busy you’re getting.

And since tourism is big in Sri Lanka, having a restaurant that stands out and appeals to both locals and tourists could be a big hit.

#7 Catering Services

A catering service that provides food for events like parties, corporate functions, weddings, etc. is a great small business idea too. 

You can start by offering simple snacks and move to full meals as you grow.

Delivering the food out on time, making it look good, and taste great is what’s going to keep people coming back. Think about making special menus or deals to fit different tastes.

Having your own cooking gear can make things run smoother and faster.

If you keep giving great service and yummy food, people will start spreading the word about your place, bringing in more customers.

#8 Tours

The tourism sector is always a good idea!

There are opportunities to offer niche tours focusing on areas such as wildlife, adventure sports, Ayurveda, cuisine, culture, and a lot more.


You can design tours to tap into specific interests of travelers.

Keeping tour groups small makes the experience more personal and fun.

But you have to team up with hotels, transport folks, and experts who know their stuff to make sure your tours are top-notch from start to finish.

Making sure your customers are happy and making memories they won’t forget is key to getting people to come back again and again.

#9 Agriculture

Sri Lanka offers a suitable climate for many crops. Small-scale farming projects to produce fruits, vegetables, and spices are always profitable.

Start small at your home with a greenhouse or partner up with someone who has space in their home. You can sell your fresh produce directly to stores and even consumers. 

As you gain experience and capital, you can scale up operations and buy more land.

There is growing demand for organic produce which can fetch higher prices so think about that too.

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